How To Pay Selling Fees

Fees are invoiced on an account basis, meaning you will be required to pay monthly or when you go over the maximum limit.

You must pay fees with either PayPal or Google Checkout (Google Wallet). You DO NOT need a PayPal or Google Checkout (Google Wallet) account to pay for selling fees, only your Credit Card or Bank Card. You will be directed to the fee payment page and choose one of the payment processors. Fees must be paid within 90 days or your account will be temporarily suspended until you pay your fees.

Bulk Lister

Our site has its own bulk lister. The bulk lister supports most fields. It uses a csv file. You must use remote hosted images with the Bulk Lister.

You will need to convert inventory files from other formats manually to upload them to the bulk lister.

You can download a sample csv file containing the correct format here.

You can download an Excel Spreadsheet containing instructions, Category Ids, Country Ids, State Ids, and more here.

Ebay Importer

You can import your auction and Fixed Price listings from Ebay. Not all fields will import, item specific fields, and condition will not be imported. The EBay importer only imports the first picture and does not import the Package Type and Express or International Shipping Options. We have provided a bulk editor that allows you to edit all of the fields the EBay and Etsy importers do not import.

Etsy Importer

You can import your listings from Etsy. Go to your Etsy account and download a CSV file. The file must be in the Etsy format. It will import Title, Price, Description, Currency, Quantity, and up to five pictures.

The pictures will be stored remotely so if you close the listings on Etsy make sure you change the URL to a different location where you store your pictures like Flickr or PhotoBucket.

You can also select a global shipping price and shipping method and category for your Etsy listings.

Marketing your listings on ShoppeThat

Marketing your listings on ShoppeThat

We are currently developing a Shopping Cart and Mobile version of the website as well as some other things which hopefully will be ready in the next few months. At some point this fall, we hope to look into having a importer created for all of the sellers who have requested it. This would benefit both sellers and alike. It depends largely on the Usage Terms of the  API for – called Bonapatit.

Also we are still active on Facebook.

We are have submitted our URL to recently.

We looked into Bing. Bing Shopping is being phased out for Bing’s own version of Product Listing Ads.

They told us they quit accepting marketplaces in late 2012 and some marketplaces were grandfathered out of the policy.

Unfortunately Bing told us there are no plans to begin accepting marketplaces at this time.

We truly hope they change their minds, but for now we cannot use them.

Here are some great ways to market your listings on our site with our site and third-party tools.

We have temporarily halted our Google Shopping PLAs for a few weeks to better optimize the campaigns. Don’t worry we’ll restart as soon things are properly optimized and some more back-end features have been added to our feed generators.

We also are taking advantage of Google’s new Dynamic Product Ads which retargets items from sellers who are using our Google Shopping System.

We may add a DIY plan this fall for sellers who want to just link their Adwords account number and we will link it to their sub-account. This is what does. This puts the seller entirely in control of their own advertising efforts and spending – we would still handle the feed in our multi-client account as Google requires.


Google Shopping

You can help your listings be better for Google Shopping by improving the Title and Description.

Here are Google’s feed specifications for help.

Many of our attributes coincide with the Google Shopping feed specifications as well as using relevant  keywords (don’t stuff ie: use the same keyword more than absolutely necessary – that’s considered SPAM by most search engines and shopping engines – and us too).

You can start using the keywords section on each listing since we may use some of that for Ad Words Labels or Grouping to finely target our campaign still further.

Just make a comma separated list(one space in front of each word) of strictly relevant keywords(don’t ie: use the same keyword more than absolutely necessary – that’s considered SPAM by most search engines and shopping engines – and us too) like for example a listing of  a model car.

Diecast, metal, car

Or a listing for a painting

Canvas, oil painting

This one of the upgrades we will be making this fall so you can add some keywords ahead of time which may help us group our ads better.

Add your listings to Google Shopping if you have not, we recently added a plan as low as 2%. You will not be charged the extra commission if the item was not submitted in the feed nor will you be charged until it actually sells.

Google has also stated it wants much larger pictures – 800px X 800px preferred, and does not allow promotional text, logos, or watermarks in the picture. Please include promotional text in the promotional text field in the listing form – not in the picture, title or description.

Also take advantage of our Item group id field for Google Shopping. See this article for Google’s rules about images for variants.

That’s right, even though we submit listings to automatically, you still need to optimize the title, description, and attributes. To do so, take a look at the latest feed specification, and the merchant blog article to better understand how to get even more traffic. Of course, as with Google Shopping, make the most use of the attributes we have that coincide with the feed specifications and well as using relevant  keywords (don’t stuff ie: use the same keyword more than absolutely necessary – that’s considered SPAM by most search engines and shopping engines – and us too).

Good Titles and Descriptions

Make sure  you use good Titles and Descriptions for your listings. Don’t stuff keywords or use non-relevant keywords. This can help with some search engines. We get much of our traffic through either free shopping sites or organic(free) search.

Please include promotional text in the promotional text field in the listing form – not in the picture, title or description.

Request to have your Listings or Store added to our Banners

We already do this by default at random for free on our site banners and share on Facebook page.

You can request it as well, say showcase certain items you have for sale for a certain category page like Apparel & Accessories.

If you request it, it is still free.


You  can do a lot off of to promote your listings and store on – most of what you do off other sites would work here too. Here are some ideas.

Share your store link or listings on Social Media

If you look at the top of the site header you will see the ShareThis button.

Please use it.

On the listings page you will see buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

Please use them.

Share with friends and on your business fan page. Also consider linking to your store on your Business Facebook pages.

There is a sharethis bar on your store home page at the bottom of the screen(may notwork in every browser). If you add your facebook and twitter pages in your store set up pages it will link your fan page to the sharethis bar so users can like your page and see your updates from the sharethis bar.

Be careful not to spam of course.

Facebook Ads

You can advertise your ecommerce listings and of course your business facebook page with facebook ads.

Do your homework first.

Google Search on “facbebook ads”.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with Facebook nor represent them. We are not a marketing agency. We are linking to what we hope will be helpful content only. We will not recommended any third party Facebook marketing or ad service, you are responsible for your own research. We are not liable for any advertising expenses you incur.

Do your homework first.

Here is a great article.

AimClear’s blog has a lot of great articles on facebook advertising.

Place Ads or Business Cards for buyers in the Items you sell on our site

Whenever you sell anything on Place a printed Ad for your Store with the name at the top in the package before you ship. This will help the buyer remember both your store and as well.

Sign in and try these tools.

We recommend you make the absolute most of this newsletter and more to come.

You can also find this article on our Merchant Blog – Don’t forget you can share the Blog Post version of this with other people.


You can set up a store on our site. We offer four plans.

  • Basic Store – 100 Items – Free
  • Advanced Store – 1,000 Items  – $15.00/Month
  • Expert Store – 5,000 Items  – $25.00/Month
  • Platinum Store – 10,000 – $30.00/Month

To set up your store, go to My Account, and under My Store, click Store Settings. Click Enable Store. Choose your store settings. You can change your Store Subscription level, add a Store Name and a description and a Store Meta description. The Store Meta Description should contain keywords that people will be using to search for your store. Separate keywords and phrases with commas. Do Not type the same word multiple times, this constitutes keyword spamming to most search engines. You can upload your Store logo. You may choose from five different free templates. Click Proceed.

Click store pages. You can choose the Number of Featured Items, Store Featured Items, Ending Soon Store Items, and Recently Listed Store Items. You can edit your About This Store, Store Specials, Shipping Information, and Company Policies pages.

You can set up Custom Categories for you store. Your Custom Categories should not use words in the name of other categories in the same level of the categories tree level. This will cause conflicts in the categories pages. Custom Categories can only be for listings in the Store Only option. If you don’t want to create Custom Categories, you can select categories from the site’s categories. Click the category you want and click the arrow button. Click Proceed. You can list items in the site, store or both. You can also link to your business Facebook and Twitter pages when you setup your store. The ShareThis widget on your store homepage will link to them and show updates from your pages.

User Profile

You can activate your user profile and About Me Page in My Account. Go to My Account, under About Me, click View. Click Enable About Me page and add your About Me Text. Go to Profile Page. Click Enable Profile Page, and add your webiste URL and Instant Messenger IDs.


A sellers About Me, User Profile, and View Feedback Page can be viewed by clicking the icons on a sellers listings.