I used some 3rd party CSS3 buttons as well.

    • Home Page Banner – This uses a third-party flash banner purchased from the envato marketplaces.
    • Menus
      • Header Menu – This uses a modified version of the Mega Menu form I added a category promotion which defaults to the site’s logo as well as a dynamically generated list of categories based on the current category. It’s colors are designed to match the style of the site.
      • Footer Menu – This uses a third party footer menu. I changed the colors and removed most of the widgets so there is a simple four column menu across the bottom of the site.
    • User Area Menu – this is menu using SlashDot’s Menu. I changed the colors to a CSS3 Gradient.
    • Item Page – The Contact This Seller form uses third-party code a lightbox made from third-party code, and the email is sent to the merchant’s personal email they have registered with their account showing the item the buyer is asking about.
  • Added more feed importers based on K-Fez’s SimpleCSV import script. each feed importer is used by a form in the user area, each one has special code for importing and converting the formats from each feed specification to go into the site’s database. The user can also add some globals depending on which feed format they are importing.
    • Etsy
    • EBid
    • Bonanza
    • Yardsellr

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