We’re taking Feature Suggestions, Special Invitation to Merchants in Certain Departments & Other News!

We are taking feature requests!

Please send us any feature suggestions.. Requests we already responded to include Bonanza Import functionality among others. Importers, marketing features anything you want – we are listening!

Some other news!

  • After Beta – the site will move to the domain ShopThat.co – which was always the plan actually – This we feel is a very brandable, memorable name & it represents our identity.
  • Raising more money on Luanch Leader – IndieGoGo later this fall which includes rewards!
  • Stay Tuned for some live events in the DFW, Tx Area this fall even training later on!
  • Adding FTP functions for some imports & the much awaited eBay Turbo Lister importer is on it’s way!
  • Our press release has been displayed on several sites now including Dallas Business Journal!
Invite others!
  • Invite others by sharing us on your Facebook groups, communities & everywhere you can including live meetups (don’t be spammy tho) – sharing helps.
  • We are especially looking for merchants who sell:
    • Computers & Electronics
    • Fashion, Clothing & Cosmetics
    • Books/Video/DVDs/Music
    • Collectibles & Hand-Made.
    • Goth & More – We also want sellers of Alternative Merchandise like Goth/Punk/Steampunk clothes, cosmetics, home decor etc.. We’ll add a dedicated Department for Alternative Fashion & Merchandise once there is enough merchandise!

News – We moved to new office space & more

We have moved into Mckinney Werx in the old Cotton Mill

We moved our office into the Werx in McKinney, TX – a Co-Working space in the old Cotton Mill.  This is great location with networking benefits too. It is in the historic Cotton Mill. The cotton mill is over 100 years old & has been refurbished into office spaces. We can be reached at the address below.

We are now in the Revtech 2015 Accelerator Program by remote

We are now in the fourth week of the Accelerator. This is a remote participation via telecommuting. This includes a $3K investment @ 1% equity. We still get benefits in-person from the Dallas Entrepreneurs Center aka TheDEC. Our goals at Revtech include completing Beta & positioning ShoppeThat for our next stage. Revtech is in TheDEC @ 311 N Market St. Dallas, TX.


Remember ShoppeThat is free for merchants til further notice. Follow us for updates on our progress.


Tristan Brisbon – Founder & CEO of ShoppeThat, Inc.


ShoppeThat, Inc. @ The Werx in Mckinney
610 Elm St. STE #710
McKinney, Texas 75069

Thank You – We Won! ShoppeThat is a winner of the Revtech-Launch Leader Crowdfunding Contest

Thank you for all of your support. It took a while to get the details sorted before we could make this announcement. ShoppeThat, Inc. is a winner of the Revtech People’s Choice Awards Crowdfunding contest through Launch Leader (SIVI).

Our Crowdfund itself is also still active.

This means we now have remote (no actual office space) participation in the program workshops – we audit the accelerator program without being in it. We received a $3K investment for 1% equity. We will have the opportunity to pitch to investors at Revtech Demo Day in the fall.

Thank you! ShoppeThat is going to be very busy this summer!

Tristan Brisbon, ShoppeThat, Inc.

ShoppeThat’s Mission & Philosophy

I think it’s time the complete formulated official Mission & Philosophy of ShoppeThat is shared with our users – merchants & shoppers both.


ShoppeThat Mission & Philosophy

  Mission & Philosophy for Sellers

  • Not biased in favor of large or small sellers but equal
  • Be a platform for sellers across any niche
  • I believe everyone should have a way to start a business – lower barriers to entry by ease of use, lower fees & simpler polices
  • Acknowledge the growing number of multi-channel sellers
  • More control over advertising tools including error reports & provide similar tools to a Shopping Feed Aggregator Service
  • Transparency about policies – tell sellers why we have certain requirements

  Mission & Philosophy for Buyers

  • Cross-device access & a fun shopping experience
  • More filters for searching
  • Catalogs
  • Wish lists, favorites & social integration
  • See the true variety of products merchants have to offer not just those that are profitable for CPC campaigns or ones with UPC codes & other identifiers many products don’t have

  Overall Mission & Philosophy of the whole company

  • Easy to use both in the UX and the site policies & rules – selling & shopping should be easy & fun
  • Quality customer service
  • Balanced between shoppers & merchants
  • Automation & Technology – Automation is rising, there’s no way to stop it. Instead embrace it and prepare – create income streams not just jobs & maximize efficiency within the company by automating as much as possible & strive for technological advancement; in the future with mass technological unemployment, marketplace sites & freelancing will become a massive part of the global economy compared to now. Companies in this area can play a vital role in the future economy & have a responsibility there.

Please share this post if you like Our Mission & Philosophy!!

If you are not already registered for ShoppeThat create an account or sign in – Merchants are invited to participate in our Free Early Beta (learn more here)!

Announcing Our Crowdfunding Campaign for LaunchLeader (SIVI)!

I am announcing our crowdfunding campaign for LaunchLeader (SIVI).


This is part of a contest for Revtech Applicants. Revtech (formerly VentureSpur) is a startup accelerator focuses on the Retail & Restaurant Sectors here in North Texas. Launch Leader is a product if SIVI an online incubator for startups.

LaunchLeader is donation-based and donors who fund an entrepreneur, team or startup DO NOT get any return. Unlike IndieGoGo or Kickstarter, LaunchLeader is for startups who have not yet developed or completed their prototype. I am very happy to see something like this myself as I have always noted the terrible gap here where so many ideas may go to waste for lack of funding to get the basic prototype  ready. I hope this sets a trend like Y-Combinator & Kicstarter so there is a mix of donation based and investment based platforms like this to cover the need.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with either Revtech or SIVI.

ShoppeThat is raising funds to help accelerate the Beta phase & acquire more merchants faster so we can proceed onto the next stage sooner.

With LaunchLeader you can donate to only one “Tool” or part of the overall campaign at a time, further each startup using LaunchLeader that receives donations has to post updates to show where the funds are going.

Despite the Revtech Contest being over on June 2, the Crowdfund Campaign can last 30 days after receipt of the first donation.

Here our 3 Tools ( campaign sections if you will)

  • Custom Content Management System & Responsive Front End Redesign (includes email, landing pages & important marketing systems)
  • Advertising System (Google Shopping, Facebook Product Ads, Print & Digital Catalog Infrastructure, Re-targeting & Merchant Adverting Subscription Systems)
  • Misc. Marketing Expenses (PR & some paid ads etc..)

To have a better idea about the campaign goals & some more insights into the goals of ShoppeThat please take a look at the YouTube Video (only a slide show) or visit the SlideShare link here.



Here is the campaign page for Launch Leader


A brief re-cap of the Beta

We are in a Beta for now until certain features are developed launched & tested. Remember:

  • During the first part of this Beta the site is FREE to merchants! Yes free in early Beta! We monetize later in Beta!
  • Your items are live – the site is functional for selling as of this moment – upload a store with 2500 items as part of the test – those items are live & for sale!!
  • Please contact me at merchantsupport@shoppethat.com (new Merchant Specific Email) for your questions/report bugs & work with me to bet past Beta!

As for the features being added these are:

  • New Listing importer system (Google Shopping, Bonanza, TheFind, Etsy with eBay Turbo Lister & File Exchange, Amazon listing & inventory loaders, Amazon Pro Webstore feed export &many more formats coming later – we’ll just keep adding more & more indefinitely actually – the system is extension based – its one core with format extensions that can be added later easily – we will be adding sync & queue capacity as well as several file updates with custom “ShoppeThat Columns” as well as replace the old bulk lister plus mass update & reporting crons for your items that email you with changes you need to make)
  • Shopping Cart – similar to eBay’s buy multiple products at once – still have to each merchant separately (this wont change until much later) – it will also have receipts & a widget for sharing what you just bought like Amazon does
  • CMS/Front end Redesign – will let users post buying guides & reviews for products like eBay/Amazon, also supports product department landing pages, will provide category data & articles & the site will have a brand new look that works on mobile device
  • Advertising System – similar to what Bonanza has but with support for catalogs & Facebook Product Ads (see above)

After all this is finished hopefully with the help of some crowdfunding & we get our listing volume to a minimum defined in our timeline – we proceed to the next stage of our goals!!

Please join and support our efforts to get past MVP/Beta Visit the LaunchLeader page, make some donations, watch our progress & participate in our live interactive Beta Launch! Benefit from the Free Early Beta as well

If you are not already registered for ShoppeThat create an account or sign in.

Listing Importers now live! Google Shopping, TheFind, Bonanza & Etsy – No Fees Yet – Register & try them now!

Our new listing importers are live for testing now!

Here is a complete guide to the Beta test of this highly competitive feature with instructions for use.

This post explains everything from how to find & use the importers in your account to a full detailed explanation for the Beta Test:

Please Read this ENTIRE Post – it has absolutely VITAL instructions in it

Login or Sign Up to try them!

  • This is part of a Beta with several new things being added to ShoppeThat.com – during the first part of this beta – there will be NO FEES – Early Beta is FREE for merchants!
  • Please report bugs or suggest feature ideas – this is interactive (send me an email once you register if you try them – support@shoppethat.com)
  • Your listings will be for sale live upon a complete import (upload from file, edit then Import) – Buyers can purchase them!
  • Until I add Amazon which I’m going to do within a few months – you need PayPal to sell
  • Importing is a 2 step process
    • Upload your file(s) & if necessary edit
    • Complete the Import – either a few at a time w/check-boxes (scroll down and click “submit”) – or – select “List All” to begin importing them to the products database so they go live

Import from:

Note: All formats require you to select an online payment option via the form click “global import settings”

  • Google Shopping
    • Both XML & Tab Delimited AcceptedYou must select the CORRECT format (XML OR Tab-Delimited) or it will NOT work!
    • You need to select quantity, payment and shipping data in the global imports section of the form
  • Bonanza (you have two options)
    • CSV/Tab-Delimited File – This importer is “smart” and can understand both the upload/edit csv file format & the new export format see this article on Bonanza’s Blog (Bonanza recently added a feature to export your whole inventory) – Export all fields – It will even collect most of your Bonanza “Trait” data!
    • Google Shopping feed from Bonanza – you can request your google shopping feed to be emailed to you in your Bonanza Booth – simply upload this feed and select – “Bonanza (via Google Shopping)” from the drop-down list. This uses XML only.
  • TheFind
    • TheFind has closed leaving hundreds of thousand of stores short of a traffic source – Fortunately, we have a simple Migration from TheFind!
    • Upload the very same file you sent to TheFind (google format which TheFind started using last year) and select “TheFind (via Google Shopping)” and begin the import process – simple as that!
    • You can upload .txt or tab delimited  – You must select the CORRECT format (XML OR Tab-Delimited) or it will NOT work!
  • Etsy
    • CSV Export from Etsy – Gets everything but variations, adding this feature very soon!
    • You must add shipping & payment info with the Global Imports form – Etsy does not give this info – click “global import settings” and the form will display
    • This explains how to download your Etsy listings


  • More will be added starting with Turbo Lister, & Amazon Pro Web Stores (so you can migrate early they are closing in mid 2016!)
  • I’m rebuilding the default bulk lister and making it a format in the new system, “ShoppeThat” format.
  • I’m rebuilding the old bulk editing tool & integrating it with the new system and adding some other bulk editing tools that use inventory files
  • I’m also adding some options and “ShoppeThat Columns” for getting more product data and some error reporting to make fixing missing data easy for merchants.


Note: I have done live alpha testing but need user input before these are finished. Also I need to test with more comprehensive file samples than are available online. So far everything works fine.

  1. In your account, look for Bulk Selling Tools in the Menu and under that select “Importer System” – you will also see some importers for Etsy and Bonanza – these are old and will be closed soon ignore them and use “Importer System”
  2. There is a single form for all files – designed for convenience – it has some global import setting, you must use  these for shipping for now
  3. You can add the following column to your csv “ShoppeThat Quantity” spelled precisely  the same with the space – no underscore – for quantity, a quantity of one will be assumed if you don’t.
  4. After choosing global settings in the form, Upload your file to the temp table do any editing (bulk not available yet – that’s next!)

Important things to remember:

  1. Currently as this is a beta – some features are not live yet and the import is a little slow with remote images but it does get them. To get around this until the speed issue is fixed you need to break files up into 200 or so rows at a time. Just cut and paste in Excel.
  2. Several features have not been added yet – I am adding much more to ShoppeThat in this Beta including to the listing importers.

Contact Support@ShoppeThat.com and I will answer your queries & fix bugs ASAP

I hope these will be a great tool for merchants.

Login or Sign Up to try them!

Tristan, Owner of ShoppeThat